Inventors, planers and practitioners

Generalists and specialists under one roof

Our strength lies in solving the most difficult tasks of hydraulic applications. Without special knowledge of electrics, electronics as well as measurement and control technology, there is no chance to cope with complex requirements that exist for example in the realization of loading installation for heavy-weight containers at ports.

The advantage we offer our customers is the wide experience of our staff that keeps our customers from investing in costly experiments.

Managing Director

Mr. Vrabitsch J.
Tel. +49 911 52126-14


Mrs. Kohlmann A. Mrs. Panzenböck D.
Sekretariat Buchhaltung
Tel. +49 911 - 52126-0 Tel.+49 911 - 52126-20
a.kohlmann(at) buchhaltung(at)

Project management Electric
/ Electronics

Mr. Hahn S.
Elektrik / Elektronik
Tel.+49 911 - 52126-12

Hydraulic Design

Mr. Schröder S.
Tel. +49 911 - 52126-19

workshop manager
& logistics

Mr. Ertel B.
Werkstattleiter / Logistik
Tel. +49 911 - 52126-17