Hydraulic components from 500 to 5000 bar

High-pressure hydraulic components up to a pressure of 5000 bar,

for example hand pumps with accessories, such as oil distributors with pressure-gauge connectors, high-pressure hoses with quick-connect couplings.

Directional seat valves,

manually or solenoid-operated, in single or stacking system, up to a pressure of 700 bar.

Light-metal lifting cylinders,

single-acting, piston retraction by spring.

Compressive force: 63 - 1000 kN at 500 bar / 700 bar nominal pressure
Stroke: 20 - 200 mm

Complete with hand pump or motor pump unit for pressure-fluid supply, these cylinders constitute an operative set of devices.

Hydraulic lifting cylinders, steel construction, up to 2200 kN at a nominal pressure of 700 bar,

singleacting, piston retraction by spring, double-acting, stroke: 8-350 mm, to be combined with various accessory parts, such as pullers, piston guard plates, base lifters, etc.

Pullers with 2 or more arms, up to 400 kN,

with different span widths (max. 700 mm) and span depths (max.500 mm), to be combined with single actingseries cylinders with a nominal pressure of 500 / 700 bar.

Lifting cylinders, stainless steel, single-acting,

piston retraction by spring, up to 630 kN at a nominal ressure of 800 bar.

Stroke: 25 - 200 mm

Hydraulic cutters for individual application


Cutting force: up to 275 kN

Hydraulic screw-in and plug-in couplings up to a nominal pressure of 2000 bar, in different sizes (4-10)

some of them provided with the special function "quick stop".